Jeanne started her photography business in 1982 when she began taking photographs of

clients at her home in Andrews. In six months she opened a studio,

Jeanne Creations Photography, in her small hometown.

In 1984, she moved the business to Front Street in historic downtown Georgetown.

Then six years later, in 1990, Jeanne purchased land for a

studio building and moved the studio to its

present location on Church Street. The outdoor studio in the

back has become, “The Outback”. She has designed and

built many one of a kind props and scenes.

She has been the Executive Secretary of

Professional Photographers of South Carolina since the mid-1990s,

and is the former president of that group.

Jeanne has won numerous awards for her photography and service,

including the prestigious National Award for her

dedication to the art of photography. She also won the

Southeastern Award for outstanding service in South Carolina and the

Governor’s Award, both from South Carolina and the Southeast.

She holds the Craftsman Degree from PPA.

She speaks at several different engagements throughout the year and

teaches classes on beach photography, marketing and organization,

prop design, high school seniors and children to help others

interested in pursuing a business and to advance their career in photography.

Jeanne shows people tried and true techniques like suggestive

selling to help add major dollars to their bottom line.

The marketing seminars contain mainly tried and proven techniques that

Jeanne developed herself. Attending her seminar, many

leave with several pages of notes.

Since the beginning of Jeanne's career, high school seniors have

been her main focus, and she has now become one of the most

widely used non-contract senior portrait photographers in the state.

Many times, these young customers return for their wedding photographs,

family portraits and children portraits. Presently, she photographs more

children than seniors due to her seniors becoming her brides and grooms

and continuing to be her client as their families expand.

Jeanne is best known for posing her subjects in non-traditional ways,

using dramatic lighting and offering many different backgrounds.

Her beach photographs have been a favorite among her clients.

She takes time to consult with each client and help them decide

what types and sizes of pictures will best suit their needs.

By filling out an application before their appointment, Jeanne knows the

client's purpose for coming into her studio. She can then make suggestions

to the client based on her experience, thus beginning the sales while the

client is being photographed.

One of her most prized accomplishments was designing a

T-shaped studio in her spacious building on Church Street.

This allows her to set up her camera equipment in the center of the

room and photograph in all direction.

Although other professional photographers have a rectangular or

square-shaped studio, this has been the best way for Richardson to

offer her clients the materials they need for a stunning photograph.

She offers her clientele many background choices for their professional photographs.

Wishing to also offer clients a wide variety of three-dimensional backgrounds,

Jeanne has created an elaborate outdoor studio. It has been created

over the years with wood, landscaping and even Styrofoam.

Her office can even serve as a background for photo shoots

since nothing at Jeanne Creations Photography has only one purpose.

She keeps organized records, revising her price list each year

according to careful documentation throughout the year based on customer comments.

Jeanne has the ability to put her clients at ease and has never known

anyone who she couldn't make smile. A natural behind the camera,

she truly loves the memories she creates through photography.

That is why she devotes much of her time to helping others learn.